The Healing Powers of Music

Music and sound have the power to heal body, mind and spirit. One of the experiments performed is to measure the auric field (the egg-shaped energy field that surrounds each of us) before and after playing Memories of Home. Pictures of these fields are shown below. The picture on the left was taken before the album was played, and the second was taken of the same subject immediately after the last cut ended.

In fact, a series of several photographs were taken (with special apparatus that is commercially available) while the music was playing, showing progressive changes leading to the photograph on the right. The photographs indicate the emotional state of the a subject.

The photo on the left was taken at the beginning of the session; the person was feeling the stresses of everyday life - traffic, family, job. The mottled colors indicate imbalance, agitation and anxiety; the auric field is broken, the chakras (major energy centers in the body) are uneven and in some cases completely closed down.

The second photo was taken after the person listened to Memories of Home. It shows a smooth, green field which indicates just the opposite: a balanced and relaxed person. The breaks on the auric field have disappeared, and the person exhibited a calmness as depicted by the change in color from red to green. All chakras are now open and balanced.

It was interesting to note that all the other people within earshot of the music also felt calmer and more relaxed when the music ended.

Dreezzzy LoveComment